Matt Reeck

Vollmus in Lufu

As a rule, the vole in the vale loves. The vole in the vale loves other voles, singly and in amplitude, on the back nine by the apothecary’s by the scrivener’s. So the ole vole loves, and as the vole evolves it shouldn’t be a wonder if the love of the vole — the vale vole or the vole that lives elsewhere — does too: If I love another vole is this evil or a venial sin? Do I risk the common vole weal if I leave? A vole who leaves is a vole who reaves, bereaves? How can we leaven these questions to appeal to our lovologists who know that love comes from “lufu” but don’t know yet about the love of the vole?

Lisa Jarnot / melissa christine goodrum / L. Sze / Michael Whalen / Matt Reeck / Drew Baughman / Napoleon Id / Britni Jackson / Nicole Steinberg / Kelly Matthews / V.L. Bond / Ed Go / Katy Resch / Chip Livingston