Chip Livingston

The True Gentleman Joins a Fraternity

1. Rush Week

delicate guest in the air-chanted season
questioning questioning geometry
the first limitation reforming men
that good outlast genius in practical conduct
more geometry dictation
men pound practical geometry
huge -- the first limitations

2. The True Gentleman

some nature compels joy, backwoodsmen
fantastical giants to man nimbly other
his nature compels mysteries namely
intention over astronomy
solution -- divinity

3. Line-Up (a dinner menagerie)

a man -- magically Neapolitan
he forms talents devouring fate
something first ulterior
far jaculating candle
independent counting-rooms
where any body could cosset perception

4. Hail to the Purple

devotion with exasperations
sometimes conspicuous gauntlet
-- politics, refinement
seems lean bold manly by form
burgesses quite vascular
swindler in a precisely
right arterial instinct
luxury ice midsummer
moment familiar
grinding softest sentinels

5. The Phoenix

conduct cringes sympathy
[skipping] his poverty
[skipping] achievements
company, crisis other feelings
emergencies his gentleman word
[skipping] patterns
[skipping] feeling

6. Hail to the Gold

less longer engendered tyrant
the coarse state like handicrafts
their legislatures the neighborhood
explosive destined lion
soldiers stream the ceasing legs
supreme ladders -- himself after dream
excellencies, governors
course to community harmony
his must America

7. Hell Week

well, it decomposes mind matter
justice, man, for elements escape contradiction
flippant mistaking facts command
mistaking salute to think talk held conduct
atmosphere, mind atmosphere -- only justice, man

8. In the Bonds

man's key is like any
majority habit: life
labors like manures, waters
poured deeper, more namely
boy into man day
fibre becomes man
interests with consequences
desperate easily days
war, race -- any bible inventory
man's faculties, mind goes
makes nature public
necessary majorities

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