Kelly Matthews

A Wist for Moving Day

& we will behave as the creature of the moment bellows loud, seeks attention. With rushes & sick belly, trunk of feeling, an improbable tenderness. Demand requires the dead to make light in haze, float stilly. Field reports with a familiar sweep. The clip continued on till morning when we woke wondering what happens. In the country they unpack, assumptions stew, raise walls for comfort; our lady of the aforementioned recording the return trip with shake & rattle, all the wile. But consider the stink of the thing, how difficult it really is: whole neighborhoods folded into corrosion, cement artfully posed, a most spectacular orange. The firstborn tapping before an altar of the plainly visible. Not an ounce of blame fell; it was just a heap of siding. To the back, a Con-Ed truck refuels in bluesy drone: “Get off me, you are all too damn heavy.” Rats shake it down & the people believe a knotty promise, the water supply cramps with shock. There is something very smart about the capitalists packed deep in brine, wall-eyed. Unlike the streets we sneak across in night is never again the street we walked across at night. I hear romance has permanently relocated yet this all feels quite romantic, call it hope or animal scent, sticky thighs, the brutally windy corner.

Lisa Jarnot / melissa christine goodrum / L. Sze / Michael Whalen / Matt Reeck / Drew Baughman / Napoleon Id / Britni Jackson / Nicole Steinberg / Kelly Matthews / V.L. Bond / Ed Go / Katy Resch / Chip Livingston