Michael Whalen


like i'm an aardvark on the bra strap of anarchy, a wombat, some ridiculous horse, a camel w/ two heads

like it's wednesday, or in a noose, or the store's run out of ice cream

like an anthrax bodega, a packed synapse, a hydrogen nerve

like paralysis, sepia, or a dog w/ worms


such as night", he said,

"or a cloud before breakfast,

hovering over

the river that many

believe is an image

of leaves' torn shadows

which takes the shape

of a short boat

immediately after

the rain brings nothing

but noise and cool

aluminum towards

the other shore,

a short passage

representing resolve

and the names of those

who will suffer if the doors'

and the courtyards' faded

hue should happen

to protrude", he said,

"in shapes difficult

to place but resembling

swallows and mulch

and, briefly,

gallons of yellow

gone orange and green."

Lisa Jarnot / melissa christine goodrum / L. Sze / Michael Whalen / Matt Reeck / Drew Baughman / Napoleon Id / Britni Jackson / Nicole Steinberg / Kelly Matthews / V.L. Bond / Ed Go / Katy Resch / Chip Livingston