Rodrigo Toscano

What is “Poetics Theater”?

Poetics Theater and guests.

Poetics Theater and a few rough-hewn acquaintances.

Poetics Theater and several polished slimestones.

Poetics Theater on the sidewalk, at ground level, studying the parade.

Poetics Theater, your attention is hereby snatched.

Poetics Theater was in motion before you were I, before we were she, he.

Imperious nobodies cherish Poetics Theater.

Anyone can say “Poetics Theater”, no one can vouch for it.

Poetics Theater sops up the blame for all failed post-avant movements, gladly.

Poetics Theater is a latino handmaiden to anglo males in fireproof shirts humming green lyrics to the blackest female hearts?

Poetics Theater admires only the blackest female hearts; the whitest lyrics are pinking around puke blue #8 calling all chromium ambitions tin; imagine that! Things are dull enough yo.

Poetics Theater is thus poliphisticated, feline, minimal in its steps across the fine arts district.

Poetics Theater knows nothing solid outside the airy gestures of poliphistical programs promulgated.

Constructivist at medulla oblongata, contra-obsfucationist in the goiter, building higher and higher tolerances to random events and the tawdry words that attend them.

Poetics Theater is like a skanky but familiar local gym, not unlike a serrated knife tucked into a multi-use pocket tool hung on a belt pouch.

Poetics Theater means to cut off no one.

Poetics Theater will file down the Toscano Totem soon enough.

Poetics Theater is selective-reactive, as against pure-reactive.

Poetics Theater intends to prance around lightly, producing sudden footfalls that stun even the biggest of oafs.

Poetics Theater (and here we’re talking directly to Pepin Le Petit) buzzes, like vacant lot runaway flora, its days limited, splendiferous, where bugs meet to bug out.

Poetics Theater (and here we’re talking directly as Tom & Jerry) is the equivalent of all enthralled partnerships, pre-professional antics, erotics du jour.

You having swum in the pond of mammals with us, Poetics Theater speaks directly to your flotation index.

Poetics Theater lives as a diorama of dying social habits.

Poetics Theater doesn’t care who your “friends” are, per say.

Poetics Theater seeks to loosen the sphincter-cum-brain of darn worthy near futures.

Poetics Theater, don’t cha’ think?

What is “Poetics Theater”?

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