Matt Reeck

Ode to /u/

you Utes, you roots,
you loons,

scoots, you cool newts,
nudes, you fruits,

flutes, you mute
fools, mule broods,

you pools, loops, you
wombs, tombs,

you jute rooms, lewd
food, you lutes,

you June, you coons,
dunes, you zoos,

snooze, you woops,
woofs, you

truce, sluice, juice
moose, you

troop boobs, loose
noose, you

blue, you new clue,
you brew, dew,

you Jew, you goo,
Lulu Q, you

booboo, you who,
you woo,

you prunes, you two
jewels, you schools,

you yule tunes,
you you

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