Matt Reeck

amerikin faggit poim

i git up in
the mourning n haf
no problim lokating mi
the problem

iz moor kunseptual
of what i em originly n gnow
tonite the problemz
im sitting in flatbush

but feel konnektid
to meiself as i rimember meiself
having been in soulkorea
in the room i wuz in

in soulkorea well
knot just
won room but the meny rooms
i had a room in soulkorea

a little won ate pyeong
n that with
the bathroom which made
it sevin pyeong

a large walkin closit i guess
i don’t have any problim
being me write gnow but
how i wuz

sumwhere far away
a yir ago
reterned from indya
to stay

at the soulguesthouz
late mai when
hilari pregnint with chorok
fer the last

thyme there
i wuz in soulkorea
it wuz me n naturlly me n
i did not scorn meiself fer

being me
but gnow im here n that me
is knot me az
gnow im weighting

fer jane to cum bak
from hondurass so
the problim iz
iz it the seme me luving

or meny mes id say
the seme me tho
i seem to bee
luving a lot of wemin

funny thing tho the uthur day
i wuz calld
a faggit
n not fer the first tyme

i wuz wharing lite
stripped slacks a wite dress shirt
n offwite tye with
bruwn dress shooz

i thote i lookd good but
a teenage boy
calld me a faggit hey
he calld after me that guiy woking bye

in stripped pants iz a faggit
a faggit
kant we at leest
git that write

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