Billy Cancel

jack-of-all-crap    since you gone     city circuit bent
off white grey     in retrospect lime canary crimson.
each jump cut weighted down now the bait 
looking sharp against the wind my marrow 
wow the cruelty of magnets.     jonny electronic     
& the american signifiers     sing deflated gestures     
to a city     of kids    songs comprised solely of 
scenes from recent movies     for my part i watch 
violent powerful men     & wait for the west bank 
to shoot      neither 2-4-1 drinks at royal island or
polar observatory sunk into snow.     scratch card 
cop car scratch card cop car  because i was in atlanta
got the fish got the pills got the 7 but for my troubles
took a sweet little ankle tap & canned
the road down the kick so any time now
mail order monsters & she’ll be pregnant
with error pulling out of some diner on
41 the taste of burnt sugar & flowers
in the sea because he was in atlanta rain
-bow man streaks lines all up our stairs