Billy Cancel

massive outage black list. minus one plus one. moonless
withdrawal. post-production spook. branch line signal
man a slice of life you shouldn't have such agitated
histories. white hot london red warm madrid white 
hot los angeles red warm paris new york name sake
new york nerve shred     blurred lost you     off coastal
path     in pink thorn     knee deep low     red cloud 
glows     headland that      hides that leaks     your city
behind    damsel fair in central pavilion suffused 
with light you rambled & spied remember intangible
dramatic grids overbalanced saccharine bright metal 
scrap marked peripheries your sweet crude work
in violet hour. i just needed spark plugs for
daffodil meadow receiving station. squirm
objects all chanting the red count “lightning
can’t make it can’t.” challenging arc multiple
grotto but i’ll be wanting sun down fat meat.
pursued by a false monk our very own katrina
moment white tiles safe
green tiles alligator.