Billy Cancel

were not icarus-in-blue-hell
first one i met last one i felt retroshock
retroshock by logic of dominion wilderness
they were mingling with a storm 's clamour
raging wide of hermetic code's fractured informed
makeshift habitat.     state of exception     ps
stick your head in this hole     dazzle camoflage
black yellow lines     dissolve reassemble
into an infinite series of relations  /  not
dazzle camoflage     one of my siganture dance
parties      jack-o-lantern north brooklyn ward
elegantly daunting obstacle course for oafs 'n'
clastrophobes.     wise man said only fools
rush in but i couldn't help losing all urge
before i reached retroshock retroshock.    
funk train wrecks both sides of my
mouth at the same time well -honed
contemporary strategies deep in the fifth
season from close red
orchard lunatics gawp