Billy Cancel

so my iphone's gonna vibrate on the grass to charm worms
 to the surface     what began as sluggish
expansion     now sprint through pristine magnolia oak
landscape towards cure-all          refueling insects with sugar
water unusual-skill--reward-in-itself     misread
trace of history as acne breakout     won’t allow
make believe iceberg to shape
my approach          cuckoos force you to
mock those mincing entropic towards
maxed up violation     majority of
our neighbors had tails at birth     after
fish dinner by the lagoon     meet
me at the Fluoroscope Machine we’ll see
their bones glow green          off white flowing swish
hot shower baby blue muffled sound
cordial staff then brewery got shut     that is shroud &
this is tipping point     if i toss my head
break cord     trot after you     will prove
blue-water-ops-drift-factor-echo-range is
script to program     this poem     to correct dimness of vision