Billy Cancel

come out of the turbine darling     stomach-a-stitch
break silver control     got some bicarbonate soda
for satellite wash     outside is nowhere but warm
color     snake centipede scorpion lizard some-
times the road is full of
wedding processions          came home early found you
building a sundial     to ensure we were all number
crunching     from the same code sheet     erratic flash
forward to some     ground breaking afternoon at
idiot end of the spectrum
shuttle launch experience          do they like
to see objects clustered according to theme?
can he swell up until he fills the space between
how to construct + full service resort?     my name is gross
fatigue     do not know anyone
on this schedule     if you blow a nice bubble     then
blow a small jet of air harder     it better cause
a small bubble to appear
inside the
big one