Annalisa Pesek


Less listening more talking
That night I went to Maine or talked about it anyway
The state berry is the blueberry
Notice the floor is tilted here the bed is sliding
All the way to Maine in my head
This piece of paper says SKETCH FOR KAFKA
Taped to the wall
We’re both naked
I turn around and around so he can get a good look
Then out the door
Oh Kafka stay hydrated!
These generations of words sour the mood
We’re all muddy and sticky it’s snowing oh Maine!
Where are your promised huckleberries?
We’re purple too
Our words are thrown they may bounce
So many of them why add more
Come back to bed Kafka
Read to me read to my head while I go on talking

The Israelites

What about those summer birds?
What summer birds?
That accept the impossible before breakfast
I hear Alivia has decided to form a band
Some great brain at the death of evening
It took 1000 years before we ran out of love
Barefoot after midnight
Alivia, I took it for a miracle
Manna for breakfast
Cheerios for the birds


In the end the heart does not grow fonder
Is that something of a shock?
There is no evidence they visited Italy
Or that she was gifted with achievements
To explain the works of Pietro da Verona or Jan Coene
There are names but it is not clear where they come from
What period or century
They get the general idea
But their love was hazardous
They passed through earthly paradise
Babylon too
There's only so much in the old romances
Maybe they’re new wave
Special interest anyway
I'll testify to the diffusion
When love evaporates without a bell rope

A Leg Came Off

I’ll try it in the park
The U-Control helicopter
It’s irrational
I feel like rubber
It’s the European medieval look
No I’m all in silk I’m a girl
You were wrong there’s no connection
Between Vermeer’s pearl and the soul
A pearl is an irritant you idiot!
And so is the soul

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