The Rest of Lamps

Took down maps, plugs
from walls, animate
crumples the rug

pushing up at its corners
like waves in the storeroom
beneath lightbulbs a life

hums away. Rust tuba
senseless, Mushmouth
tee-shirts in a warehouse

somewheres. Rattan
day-sofa, corrosive panel
spillout. Like Bugs

Bunny said, we’ve been
marooned, born back
of the bridge.

The rug is an oval
in the walls
of the panless house

and the room is
shaped maybe
for lack of real cunning

like a rectangle with a pool table
and a rug that is an oval
and a cactus painted mirror

a duffle bag, hockey puck
murky pharaoh
I am coming home again.

--Joe Robitaille

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