Oligarchy Strychnine

half boot-longe

theatrical long slubber Marshall Plan


dornick fieldfare pillions

theatrical gum theatrical

gin soapless soap dressing sack

- edelweiss theatrical newt


                            goodhearted reposit lobotomy

                            monkey fish monk nighttide

                            homochromous homochromous homochromous

                italic isatin abaca pharynx smokeless

                frogman colorcast whicker

     bluebonnet orangeism low comedy

     tonga graph sewage

     nominative monzonites Passion play

     theatrical plater

radiate washbowl conventual , shyster wicket keeper

diddle youngster notch waive

iatric know-nothing iatric Doberman pinscher notch

haversack faraway

toadstool walking papers onside cornettist

butcher’s broom Stillson wrench?

          outflank periodic off-color theatrical thenceforward

          parley soapbox roundel

          likin theatrical outflank Parthenon off-color

          ringer inactive


--Joe Robitaille

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