to ORP's 3rd online poetry journal: an oleo strutting along the woman cloud, a refrigerator memo integral to Easter & after. Tomorrow it may be too late to take this oligarchy; strychnine is another, random integral--another merging roof indifferent to the rest of lamps. Charles also is integral, angry. Young, the moon in all its clarity asK this Sister; what of it, Ted? & what of this? Take it for what it may--as it may, it may not. . .

Nora Almeida: Integral #1 Integral #2 Integral #3
Richard Pearse: A Woman Cloud Young and Angry at the Moon
Olga Pester: the roof of merger refrigerator memo
Joe Robitaille: Oleo Strut Oligarchy Strychnine The Rest of Lamps
William Sanders: Easter Poem [another poem by W. Sanders (& another)]
Sarah Sarai: hAve You Been Married, the Sister asK
Pietro Scorsone: After Tomorrow Random 1-4