Richard Pearse: In Memorium

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our teacher, mentor, great friend and one of our favorite poets, Rick Pearse, whose intellect, passion, generosity and talent were a tremendous source of inspiration for us both.  Throughout the ten years of Other Rooms' existence, Rick was one of our biggest supporters, not only contributing many excellent poems to this publication, but also performing at numerous readings and providing the social, mental, and emotional support necessary to sustaining the poetic community we've endeavored to create.  We will miss you, Rick, but your legacy and work will live on.

Below are links to Richard Pearse's poems published by Other Rooms.  We hope that you enjoy and appreciate them as much as we do.

Michael Whalen & Ed Go
Other Rooms Press Co-editors

A Woman Cloud

Young and Angry at the Moon

You, if Only

Bo Grumpus Balls the Jack

Verdicts of a Nap

Your Ad in this Space

Home Town Ghost Town

Sonnet 130: Perfervid Vermin & Sonnet 18: Comparison Shopping

Love Poem: Abysmal Bananas & Recipe for Sometimes Waking

Waking After the Election & After the Election