Richard Pearse

          home town     ghost town

because nobody I know     many old kindred
keep howling my ears     full of void
because I need a few ghosts     I found nothing
breathing     on the ash road here

not those dark walls      drifting
not that minister     ticking in his shroud     
not that moosehead over the bar     mumbling some lullaby    

so this is it     home     it almost
changes so fast and never
answers every time     and I wouldn't mind
returning the favor

that radiant jukebox     do I find its whine
lugubrious     my ass     am I dying as slowly
as these elders stampeding quietly     out onto the freeway    
do I care what happens     to my friends wives family if any   

because I really need a few ghosts
there's this fat remittance check     I eat    
unsalted      because when did I cry last

          so this is it     exile     well
 I never saw    anything unlike it