Sarah Autumn Toatley

If Emily and I Heart Opened Donald

like when we remember
that the world can dematerialize
all in a body

wearing his sweater while
his fibers let go
when i split, real sudden, I HAVE TO

knowing makes knowing
of luck, of blessings

wanting to make it better
a better kind of wanting

Sit and Pet The Cat

Would it help if we gave you a few minutes each day just to sit and pet the cat?
Or time to look out a window?

Sometimes it’s touch that does it best, brings you back, into your body.

Or checking in with the ongoing sensory dialogue between you and the world.
You and the world.
Let the cat show you.

How to be More Human

imagine other people
when they were babies
and so love them
imagine yourself that way
and even if it was bad
sometimes think
of the softness
you must
have received
just to make it
while thinking of breathing
which is to say
while breathing
eat while eating
it doesn’t have to be
all the time
even honestly hardly ever
will help
like they say
cook the hard stuff first
so sit there
stew yourself
let you become tender
with heat and time