Joel Hedge & Michael Whalen

(being a poem primarily constructed somewhat randomly from Trump’s most commonly used words during the presidential debates (according, naturally, to 
totally unvetted internet sources), rearranged and edited)  


tremendous nasty collusion disgusting bigly win.  winning.  stupid weak loser they are politically correct morons.  we are smart tough dangerous.  they are 
bad lightweight.  we are amazing huge tremendous terrific zero out of control classy.


  tremendous nasty collusion.  disgusting bigly political moron.  I have so much classy out of control.  that is My huge tremendous debt.  enough problems 
are dangerous catastrophes.  My win is always winning.  My wins collect weak stupid losers.  I win winning by winnowing stupid weak losers.  sad!


  listen to my disgusting bigly.  going big and law control safety.  you believe I win a lot.  she is the politically correct moron.  stop being you.  start being we.  we 
don’t know zero.  we are the future.  embrace my bigly future you nasty collusion.  My mean american inversion to law.

I am the sudden scholar of inversion.   I bigly you with eminent domain.   with businessman hell.  inversion hell.  strongly inversion hell.  it is nasty bigly.  scholars 
are going to thank me.

I am smart enough to be tough.   I am tough enough to be dangerous.  smart tough dangerous bad.  bad dangerous.  bad smart.  dangerous smart.   don’t be smart.  I 
am smart businessman.


  lightweight nasty collusion is amazing.  you morons come to waste smart.  amazing losers.  out of control losers.  huge tremendous losers.  eminent losers.  
huge tremendous terrific zero out of control sudden losers.  I am tremendous waste fraud and abuse.  with wall I will correct fraud.  for nasty winning I have laws.  
nasty laws.


   I am classy.  I am terrorist america.  


   we’re going to be winning a lot.  we have to be going to be.  one of those going to have.  not china.  not mexico.  maybe russia?  


I am going to do.  I want to.  I am going to.  And you know what?  thank you very much.  we’re going to win.  to take care of.  a lot of money.  I want to make.  
america great again.  in the history of all over the place.  and you know what?  going to build a wall.  and pay for it.