Gregory Crosby

  Your Hands Must Be Held in a Natural Position

You cannot hope to mystify your audience
if you do not remember this: there is nothing
up your sleeve but the will to produce, transform,
vanish. It’s called legerdemain, which means light touch.
It is showing something by means of misdirection.
It is suggestion. It is power, of. Wherever
thou go, eyes goest. It is the ghost of belief,
back from the grave of existence. It is, at last,
an audience under the influence of itself.
You are nothing, nothing but the mirror for this.
This is the trick that always, never, works.
Do not falter. Practice. This science depends upon
the smallest detail, the tiniest held breath.
There will be no assistant, no one, ever,
to hypnotize, saw in half, levitate. There are
only the gestures that gestate these mysteries,
infinite. Rap the cabinet. Reach into your hat.
You will begin to understand the great power…
and what mysterious thing gives you this power.

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