Gregory Crosby

   Parable & Analogy Search the Bedroom for Their Clothes

This will only end in tears, she said…
Let’s cut to the chase, & start crying now.
I don’t want to live in a world, he said,
where the vampires aren’t French, lesbian,
proud. I can have this cake, & eat it too,
she said, for the Queen told me I could…
& just like fire would, he sang, I’m burning,
I’m burning, I’m burning for you. I won’t

remove the ribbon from my neck, she said.
Ask me for anything but that. I want
to hold hands in the line for Hell, he said…
though I know these days it’s frowned upon.
Sailor, all you know are knots, she said,
her hand at the hollow of her throat.
Fuck untying it, said Alexander
with trembling hands. And Jane’s head fell off.

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