Michael Schiavo

Acknowledging the Corn

Is to acknowledge the lobster too. To admit

the world knows more than you the man

jumped in front of the Jeep

he had a red cape

I thought he’d be a’ight. Is to recognize

this morning fixes the waffles with

rose-blossom hay green apple.

If you waltz with me “My Country

’Tis of Thee” I’ll bake ya pumpkin pie.

Later great mongoose rear her head

observe the moon cascade bluish

plunge the mountains. South-bound sympathy.

Allow me beggar bring you up from

the swamp you really in the clinging dress

laurel ’round the finest mind. I thank you.

Capriccioso. Me out in majesty endless

caravans departing from your eyes. Sheriff sew

the distance like a pistol

Dock Ellis just waiting with another

giant banana dogfart. ’Scuse me while I

go inside I rifle yer underwear drawer.

How can I explain my love for your fanny

unnecessary apostle requited in March.

Accept these please my apologies. Gray sun

early Spring accept blessings near the football field

the crimson’s crimson married to night.

Once crunk’d the feet of champ’ons.

In dawnlight concede my authentic

nocturne wavelength tree a mile wide

relinquish relinquish fog-fires fire.

Grant I may have vanquished

the wrong creature in the crevasse

when descended I did down that sting

came quick from the manta ray.

“Sunflowers” she replies. She ever

to the midnight. She replies ’plying never

to the question but always the Question

crimson the heart’s weary without.

A cool glass of water to the mind alive

boil it boil ’er bring the banshee moan.

Singers sing singing the joy they bring being

the joy they bring twinning ’round particles of

tiger & tomato vine. I gaze from the garden

the vibrations’ vibration. A man’s

a thousand questions. Clucking in the gloam.

The answer’s chorus rounds heavy in my ear.

Impossible sunset

like sunrise off the hamlets

chimes unlike hell over water in Valhalla.

for Whit Griffin

And the Waters Shall No More Become a Flood to Destroy All Flesh

Red house moan. Morning licks my chest

delivery man rambles on

’bout the time his truck was stuck

in the fucking mud. Oranges spill & melons.

Liquid in liquid confounds the populace

them it makes examine specimens closely

without realizing the tentacles spiral

from behind grab their ankles they’re gone.

I’m hungover from the scope of her heart.

Just now the sun crests. Just yellow

under circuited clouds. Just another

way for the war to watch me shit

when all I want is sprinkling rain

water whispers the occasional

bass for your face. Taking up the lighter

we laugh huckleberry for the mayfly.

The Sheriff’s harbors resentment

for his appointed tasks undone

this late March day so much possibility.

Green is the sky green rubbing all

the trees squeeze grass the dog’s tongue

her sometimes eyes when the light is blue

in the morning always morning.

Morning the one time of day I most

revile. Adore the rest really brunch lunch early

late afternoon evening deep evening

dead of night when only the owls propel

through the air indigo branches decree

in the forest the cordial forest scree

our banshee host we yearn to enfold

foster so we can kick back with

our Arnold Palmer talk about

pansies Genny Cream the why you feel

pathetic. You’re not unless I am &

friend I am not. The getting down

is easy. It’s the getting up the big really

get up for it get ready to rage against

not the light’s dying but your closing eyes

no not in Spring which is the reason

not the ultimate but one to move

more wisely for to trust when violets

robins rejoin us not for their pleasure

but to take in our chests one last measure.

for Andy Hughes

Of 1634

Calligraphy as pornography. A tempest

set to engulf these realms ’less we

convince the Minotaur to free the king’s girl

bring her to the surface. Unlikely. A-then we

must ready the lynch mob. Let’s first

sit down w/ red licorice & meditate

on silk flowers woodworking key fobs

the powers vast within the Martian mind. Plus

the irrefutable evidence which supports

my claim that sasquatch have infiltrated

our federal government preparing

an assault on mainland China to free

their brethren held within the Forbidden City.

Kitty. Pecked at to see

if they offer a key to the notion that all

cryptozoologists are virgins. Ever

seen the sun sink slow o’er Lil’ Heiskell

rubbed your eyes ’til blurred

the boundaries ’tween west & east?

Punch’o say you know the way.

Lord Baltimore fixing the Charger

for our ultimate escape

thru killer asteroids unstoppable plagues

robots who look human but are really

as I said robots. Bonobo puffs his cheeks

gives me the Billy Baru that I might

invigorate my game. Alas alack. Bullies peg you

girls abhor you I mean even the ones

who always fault you like the way that you

chime in the snow the season’s high man

I just fold so let’s roll cuz. Don’t drop the static

’fore you find an attic. The men

in sunglasses will unearth you. They’re

looking right now even as clench you your

sphincter to not let out the moonshine.

A tattered breath your first good grammar

eliminates any sausage press you might

inherit. Too bad. Butchers’r much needed

these days ’round these parts with the kind

of moustache you sport. The way the sparklers

especially shoot out green & gold illuminating

Ray Lewis in a Kaiser helmet deep

from the white girl’s pussy. This is what I dream

when I dream of Maryland. Dream

the serious crab cakes yet to be invented.

Dream a Chesapeake a little less desolate.

for Jason Myers

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