AP Lewis

Day 1 1:04 pm

Unsent e-mail to Erin Johnson--

Telephone numbers hyper texts customer service prices leading to other html
revealing the true price before taxes Johnny Cash's 'I walk the Line' comes to
mind this is your song Erin The last thing the hotel rep
esentative said was something about a romance package I wonder what tha
t entails My curiosity may garner further inquiry into the matter
solely for anthropological reasons but I’m getting a sleazy feel
ing it has something to do with former Soviet Bloc human traf
fik then again I am all too often inclined to gaze intently into the dim view It
simply could be heart shaped balloons and wrapped chocolates placed strategi
cally on the pillow but we should never underestimate our catering to the bot
tom line The bottom line is not just cold print outs pouring out from the exc
ecutive printer 24-7 An ivy league M.B.A. hired for audit serves as interpreter to
reveal that the bottom line serves our most base and primitive needs the bottom
line is compensation and remedy for the great ease in which our nobler pursuits
are stifled and the bottom line grows engulfs these
We needn't fear this we exist on the top line Erin.

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