Susan Lewis

Amounting To

the type of lure
sought & believed

the plush of fur
bought & received

the tight gleam of
tooth & claw

with the relation of
cloth to flesh

as in address
as in constriction

as in the same,
not the same

amounting to
a shedding & a trading

an assumption of risk
or authenticity

describing this guise
devising this size

grinding like gravel
kicked & shot

crashed & fraught
amounting to

the slip of bone on bone
as cruel as knowing & not

the fine gleam of plied fur
the frayed hide of flayed cur

water & dust at war
for the fading light

the slight hope
of connection

the bare glance

amounting to
men with slack hearts

consuming the


waiting for worlds
out of sight

out of bounds
(safe, unsound)

the smell of time
parsing sagely

into more of the unsame
mouth of the insane

singing without
rhyme or reason

tongue tickling
time & season

shadow-boxing any
kind of future

crying back, back
sighing lack, lack

while the pen scratches
no one’s itch

& wrong words
muffle the competition

+ their noisy recognition
(saying something known)

until a bell rings
warning us not to think

there are killers
in charge                                   

(can we use the other 90%?)
(& by opposing, end them?)

& the victims add an
ominous silence