Mariya Deykute


                                                                          The trees near the house have the most holes.

          “starry sky”, “sky beetle” in China.

                                                                          -  freakish June bug. Eating its way inward.

          For most of its history: unremarkable.

                                                                          Caller captured a black beetle with white spots -

          Remarkable: deforestation, poplar planting,

                                                                          white spots, long antennas, whiskers of a catfish.

          solid wood packing material, coming to America.


          burrow heartwood, establish
          houses, feeding galleries,
          emergences, diapause chambers,
          nurseries, living rooms, TV dens
          in the dark pulp plan together
          the destruction of any ecosystem
          we inhabit.


One two three, one two three
Limbs are falling from the tree
          We need Sally, we need George
          Your reports about the scourge
See the scary ALB,
See the holes in the shape of D.
          What do you say, what do you see?
          Caller captured an ALB.
Spread the word. Spread the word.
Duty is its own reward.

          “All host trees on public and private property surveyed by trained personnel. All infested
          trees removed, chipped in place, chips burned. Tree stumps ground to below soil level.”


I couldn't sleep, once.
The moon was out, Chinese
and round. On my fire escape,
a sky beetle crawled over a pack
of cigarettes. I looked at it, it raised
its banded whiskers. I raised my hand.
I invited it in. It's a long way from home.

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