Travis Macdonald

   No More Normal

 Here we are all
 mourning for the various


 that never existed
 outside our minds.

 No More Night

   Goodnight America, I love you.

   Not you.

   The other one…


   No More Metaphors

   Walking down the street
   with November

   wind in my face
   the mistaken sound

   of a pickup truck’s flat tire turned
   out to be the American flag.

   No More Might

   Remember how
   the "reins of power" are held:

   In the teeth,
   not the hands,
   of our leaders.

   No More Deportation

   More walls will

   not close

   this space between us.

   No More Days

 Live like this
 is the last day

 of the rest
 of your life.

 it isn’t.

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