j/j hastain

From Priest/ess

The Beloved is a frequency. More mythic than physical—though it can present physically if it is embodied. By embodying The Beloved 
embrace being remade in its image. Sexual chi becomes sacred sexual chi—base animal drives become refined because something sacred 
is being done with them.
When embodying The Beloved you feel bigger than you were before, because you are bigger (due to linking with mythic frequency older 
than you, older than Earth). Now there is more space in you in which you can exist, inhabit.
The Beloved wants full participation and partnership. No-holds-barred. No holding back.
In Beloved Geometry it is that there are two—but it is about what starts to happen after the two have passed the threshold of merge to 
overlap. It is not that these two are separate. The magic really starts when you pass the threshold where two become one. This one 
not a single, is a union, contour. In contour, a skin emerges around the union. It is by that skin the lovers can increase chi in them, in their 
relation. They—a shared enclosure now.
Without holding extended from their co, the planar limits of the lovers’ individual physiologies might burn them to ash. Ask someone who 
practiced The Beloved and then fell away from it. Without the additive-you (the other with whom you are merging)—that enveloping skin 
emerged from both and in which you can share—it is possible the hot and bright will burn (you) out.
However, fostering the skin as longevity, as path, generates future matter of The Beloved in time and space. That future can be accessed 
  by others—possibly even oneself in another lifetime.
This skin is The Beloveds (mythic frequency) as much as it is the human lovers’. Foreskin of a frequency flush. The Beloved memorizes 
  the faces of the lovers who are succeeding at it. These faces are its face.
One of my particular purposes on/as Earth is to elaborate queer Beloved. Someone might say—“What? Queer Beloved? Isn’t Beloved—union 
  of what were previously perceived opposites?” Yes. It is that. It is not only that. To elucidate the point, walk around looking for objects: 
  this and that. Then find ways to pair those objects even if the pairs aren’t female-to-male—so easily discernible yin-to-yang. Pair what you 
  don’t necessarily immediately read as opposites.
Queer Beloved elevates and increases variance in Beloved chi. Reshapes cosmicity.
Unique spell caster.
“Cast by embodiment-collage.”
Images adhere to other images. It is not glue but love and sunlight holds these together. The feeling—a dream-rite that won’t be easy to 
  recall in normative reality—but the strong ushering to remember it anyway.
Long spears of light, no handles. Sharp angles coming through the light between where the shapes connect.
Avatars for intrinsic activism.