Carlos Lara


yes yes
yet tables burn in fictions what I found on my bed in Slackerville
American weightless meridian sigh
I hope a heroin addict turns up when you pool yourself together
your normal and headless penumbra skitters away
today we are holy soft penetrating nothing special people
Jean Follain Carlos they make life so beautiful so very beautiful again
I don’t want to raise contradictions to comment to remark
I want to connect to weave to dream not interpret purely what is
this book this poetry this poetry will save us all but when the fucking wind comes around
and the dissonant midget waning works then owls then hysteria then
you understand this isn’t a simple overheard aloha
I’ve been writing to the void aloha to return aloha with symmetry aloha
any science moves the trees to joke more than a significant Uganda
more than revenge in this Bellini’s bottomless taint
more than alphabetic surprise or the bells belling
no college or phylum no Autumn takes a towering death down
only brittle star only mattress of lambs only look
right here
a mirrored kind of Ulysses a Satanic Satan these unright tweets
a snatching of galaxy whose ghost hiss reminds me of
classism and blowholes
goddamn it how grey


oh bad and bad and bad and bad each peach tree arose in the polis
each violent quill remember these are not instruments of peace
remember the sun is all you’ll know of Earth destiny an afterimage
of chaos or cold stoves
pedestrian form blatant calendric moaning in orbit

be cautious thunder be slithering sister
and then you turn one-handed to the archaic hoodlums

drinking wine from a seagull I aerosoled today baseball tomorrow
give me the skinny curse

so pass the expectorant
I have love in the face of this country
the world under the real world under the real world
real life


to have the ideal applebutter scenic appeal of intimacy
whoa whoa careful terra firma I’ve been aware golden thighs
a coconut enclosing you gently monologueless
I want to make people look at things in the original world
or darkest of blue in the order of hearing
the name of this work is not a simple scavenger
the breathing fatigue of always seeing
of forever and ever cardshark
so say the knocks of gods are with you
abbey beyond this dream you have looked for me
by the time you start looking
chokecherry or pyramid
Miamisburg Mound and the people belong
there is a way around memory it’s irreducible
what leaves all the dream rake
how you have sheared away the antisocial
chalking the tuxedos up to never free
unapproachable panther I have done things
I know well


only casually-in-death do you fly fish do you name yourself Captain Areopagus
or Agincourt
the flowery shade of flowers
prurient avalanche
the man called me a pussy I couldn’t believe it
ballistic Shake Shack it all appears so huge not in Valdosta though

you don’t want to see what happens to me as I
break stones with the dawn of breasts


my precious ones are all life and confusion
moscato amazing watching the Oakland Raiders
if you can find the arm you can find the man
and you can find him faster in a Brazilian rainforest

I say go to the noise I say hey tiger tiny tiger
handicapped live horse people stop talking
all the time all the pretty queerness
what did you want to know dumb kid
showing sunlight sunlight and money