AP Lewis & Chelsea Wolf

Your hell is better than my heaven / A.P. Lewis Chelsea Wolf

Guilty of stage fright its sentimental nostalgias a thing of the past sanctimony is chastity replace hot brush teeth too kewl kids upstairs start a plastic soul call it the sleepy ha has begin online petition to save plates from chickens whats a cave man to do protein got us towards ineffable light some neighborhoods youre frowned on if you dress down others if you dress up kulchur vultures tore up the translation of Voynich Manuscript in restroom next to Readers Digest one set of morals for the rich the other reserved for the poor is there no going back a womans tongue is nice but god made dk for a reason dont mind baseball but games Im against lock yr. farmers daughters up here comes the new enemy youre a charlatan Im a barbie doll chymical weddings were going back to the place where the good music plays were going back to the place where the good music plays t.v. eye in the sports coat with the occasional tie my toes is froze futurists were ahead of their time infinitely on hold the problem with here is theres no irony.                         

A.P. Lewis was born in Philadelphia in 1976. Chelsea Wolf was born in Baltimore in 1987.

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