Billy Cancel

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perfect-obedient-cargo but how you'll change when metal
waters are restored all city-worker-wild-wood-wild-wood-
girl-in-white-dress upon her majesty's secret surface but very
much oblivious amidst their laughter you stagger central snake
spread flame out an inelegant taste but the young night is still
burning so more butter scoop dad.     travelling east i left
new road swallowed memoirs as i was third     came to my
very first any place accidental purple muscle set up     faster
biege variations of home coming     couplembraced rejoiced
by candlelight     shawl full of moon     these compressed
trend occupants didn't dwell upon the trace "grace shall be
assigned upon us field farmers stick leaning fuckwits rocket
maybes target tuesdays" but two things happened rotation
tilt simplicty & fast track grey sweep.     such dissolver whining
aggrevating circumstance so     my own game     bait & switch
i take it to grand central atlantis sick market     field queries
about doing time in unquiet bumpkin throttlehold     ongoing
rezoning of square 1 causing
delays on route 1