Introduction to the 6th OR eJournal

Since we started Other Rooms in 2007 several poets we've published have gone on to have full-length collections published. We'd like to use this introduction to give attention to their work:

Chip Livingston, Museum of False Starts (Gival Press)
Sarah Sarai, The Future Is Happy (BlazeVOX[Books])
Whit Griffin, Pentateuch: The First Five Books (Skysill Press)
Susan Lewis, "How To Be Another" (forthcoming, Cervena Barva Press)

I have read and highly recommend Museum of False Starts by Chip Livingston and The Future Is Happy by Sarah Sarai (read my interpretation of 3 poems by Sarah Sarai in this issue). I have not yet had the opportunity to read the others, but I look forward to them as Whit Griffin and Susan Lewis are poets whose work I love. We've published them both in the past, and new poems by them also appear in this issue.

--Ed Go, co-editor

(If you are a poet we have published and have since released a full-length collection but were not included here, please inform us by email.)

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