Yelizaveta Golub

To Fuck:

Why the fuck,
You stupid fuck,
What, shit head fuck…
How the fuck,
You sick fuck,
Do we fuck?

To fuck:
With a fuck,
But a great fuck,
Makes dealing with that fuck,
Bearable…’cuz of the fuck,
Ah - to fuck.

Doesn’t matter how hard you fuck,
Nothing will make you happier – fuck;
Love ha – fuck;
Hold, caress, undress – fuck;
Feel, lick, fondle – fuck;
Touch, pull, tear, whip – fuck.

Why do we fuck –
Up each others lives with unnecessary shit – fuck,
With conviction – fuck,
Or don’t fuck,
But if you fuck,
Admit that you fuck.

When I was a little girl people used to fuck,
Up their lives in front of me – fuck,
Up each others mentality and fuck;
With authentic authority to fuck;
Up their existence to the best of their ability and fuck;
Institutional behavior in the ass – they’d fuck.

I never fuck,
The way that they fuck,
Their lovers, sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers – they’d fuck;
Unwillingly, willingly, hopelessly to just fuck,
For the sake of the fuck,
So they can say I fuck.

To fuck:
With malice is to fuck,
With unattachment, inhibition, and fear of the fuck.

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