Michael Whalen

07/11/09 (VARIATIONS)


sunrise just rust, skin in the bathroom.
my socks are soaked with mud, untouchable.

this that purgates.
this flips.
this signature plaint.

the smell of piss, of burning.

what slips is,
slips in.

what days repeat
and surrogate.

the promise of rescue exhausted,
left in fat, in violent clouds
and grey cutting.

drunk, waking,
i smile over coffee,
over curdle & spume.

my head falls.

a quiet playground. she
runs past my window
down to the street.


my socks are soaked w/ mud, the sunrise soaked w/ mud or just rust, burnt barren smell of skin in the bathroom, my socks, piss & burnt skin in the bathroom, my socks black hung on the wall, on the waiting promise exhausted, the smell of the savior, of exhausted piss, the smell of cutting, drunk, my freedom hung on clouds & grey slashing, the promise of rescue, i drank the offer, i dug two holes in the playground, side by side, my head falls to the left in fat air, in violent clouds & grey creaking, runs down days over coffee, my head, exhausted, this cup, the street outside, i see her waking, smiling, she falls to the left on a quiet playground, this rupture, run down & walking sideways at sunrise, the playground, the rusted road. i see its waking muddy smile.


in violent clouds one grey tone
purgatory serves coffee

my head exhausted
street outside

i wake up smiling
she falls to the left

walks to the side
in the exit of the sun

furniture turned
and rusty way

stamped in gag in ingots
i see its muddy smile waking

in the morning my socks
are soaked with mud

with the exit of the sun
or hardy mold

burnt sterile scent
of skin in the bathroom

my socks piss and skin
burned in the bathroom

black stain of my socks
hung on the wall

repeat the days
the scent of piss

cut drunk
hung in clouds

in grey
reduction ruptures

i drank
the supply the rescue


piss exhausted the scent of the cut drunk.

it hung in clouds and in grey reduction.

i drank the supply, the rescue.

piss and skin and walking sideways at sunrise.

burned in the bathroom, in the black playground, in the rusted road.

i stain my socks on her waking muddy smile.

i stain my head over coffee, exhausted.

the sun feeds the mold in the street outside.

i see her waking, smell the burnt sterile scent of her skin.

smiling, she falls to the left in the bathroom.

she falls to the left in the morning.

cramps in the rigging, stamps on the day.

my socks are fat with air, with violent clouds, soaked with mud.

cups run down honesty, exit the exit of the sun.

the furniture of exhausted piss, the smell of cutting.

drunk, my freedom hung on, and rusted.

away outside were clouds and grey slashing, muddy smiles.

i piss, wake up in the bathroom.

my socks black, i hung on, smiling.

she falls to the left of the wall, of the waiting promise.

she does not smell of the savior.

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