excerpts from "The O Mission Repo" by Travis Macdonald

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pages 41 & 42 Weave Plan
pages 68-70 The Found Error

"The O Mission Repo," from Fact-Simile Editions (www.fact-simile.com) is an erasure poem in the tradition of Ronald Johnson's "Radi os," Tom Phillips' "A Humument" and Mary Ruefle's "Little White Shadow." However, whereas these documents take distinctly literary works of fiction and verse as their host texts, "The O Mission Repo" instead utilizes one of modern history's most important documents: "The 9/11 Commission Report." The resulting book was not written. Rather, the words that appear on these pages have survived a meticulous process of reduction and redaction designed to extract an entirely new and lyrical narrative from the pages at hand.

The O Mission Repo is available from fact-simile.com
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